Introducing System 3 Off-Road’s New MT410 Tires

Packed with cutting-edge features, the System 3 MT410 mud terrain tires are designed to elevate your mud-riding like never before. System 3

System 3 Off-Road is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation in off-road performance — the MT410 Mud Terrain Tires. Engineered to conquer the deepest mud holes, these tires deliver unmatched performance and durability.

The MT410 Tires are a testament to System 3 Off-Road’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Packed with cutting-edge features, these tires are designed to elevate your off-road experiences like never before:

Deep 1.5-2.0-inch Grooved V Lug Tread: The MT410 Tires boast a deep grooved V lug tread that effortlessly powers through even the most treacherous bogs, ensuring you stay in control no matter the conditions. The innovative design not only enhances traction but also offers easy cleanout, so you can keep moving without mud and debris holding you back.

Full-Width Carcass and True-to-Size Diameter: Maximize your ride height and footprint with the MT410 Tires’ full-width carcass and true-to-size diameter. This intelligent engineering ensures optimal ground contact, stability, and a smoother ride, so you can navigate rocky terrains and uneven trails with confidence.

Flexible 8-Ply Carcass and Medium Compound: Experience a ride like never before with the MT410 Tires’ flexible 8-ply carcass and medium compound. These features work in harmony to provide a remarkably smooth ride without compromising on durability. Conquer rough terrains with ease while enjoying the comfort you deserve.

Deep Rim Guard for Ultimate Protection: Protection and retention are paramount, which is why the MT410 Tires are equipped with a deep rim guard. This exceptional feature not only sets the standard for wheel lip protection but also ensures tire retention, giving you peace of mind even during your most exhilarating rides.

“We are thrilled to introduce the MT410 Mud Terrain line,” said Craig Petersen, Founder of System 3 Off-Road. “The tread design, carcass performance, and weight of the tires set the bar higher for what mud riders can expect from their equipment. We are excited for our customers to experience the MT410’s capabilities.”

Prepare to level-up your mudding experience with System 3 Off-Road’s MT410 Tires. For more information on the MT410 tire or other System 3 Off-Road products, be sure to check out their website.