New DEI Under Seat Heat Shield Kits Improve Comfort

New Design Engineering Inc. under seat heat shield kits help improve the comfort in select Honda Pioneer models. DEI

Staying cool doesn’t have to be a challenge. Design Engineering Inc.’s Under Seat Heat Shield Kit can be used on 2022 to 2023 Honda Pioneer models to reduce seat temperatures and make the interior more comfortable.

DEI’s under-seat heat shield kit blocks engine heat from entering the passenger area with high-quality, custom-cut insulation pieces. The improved insulation lowers temperatures on the seat and middle plastic panel.“Under-seat heat shield kits will increase the riding comfort for you and your whole crew,” said John Gabriel, Powersports manager at DEI. “Maximize the enjoyment of your next ride by adding this kit to your interior.”The kit includes front seat and middle panel heat shields. It fits 2022 to 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 and 1000-3 models. Installation is simple thanks to adhesive backing and will still allow your Honda Pioneer to be serviced.For more information about DEI’s powersports line of heat and sound control products, visit their website.